MBE 24-7 is Europe's first Pure Black Entertainment Television Network. It's the new African European Channel. Out of Africa, Out of the Caribbean, Out of the Americas, Out of Europe with music making, fun loving, soul stirring, all that's best in Pure Black culture. It's African European, proudly reflecting the emerging dynamics of the world's liveliest and most progressive continent.

MBE 24-7 promises to be Europe's liveliest and most culturally diverse channel, catering for millions of African Europeans and cross cultural audiences in tens of millions. MBE 24-7 will inspire you, will make you weep, will bring laughter to your home, will powerfully reflect on world issues through the eyes and ears of African Europeans. 

MBE 24-7 will captivate Black and White audiences across Europe, with the best of Black Culture. It imitates Black Lifestyle today and projects the Black dynamic of an unfolding future. MBE 24-7 is Black friendly television for all the family.

To download the MBE 24-7 info pack (pdf format) click here.
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