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If its urban, "URBAN HEAT" has it. Showcasing the hottest unda ground rappers, dancers, DJ's, and Poets out there.

Pennsylvania Valley Dawgs Merchandise Coming Soon Exclusively to MBE

It is a showcase of the best independent artists and producers from around the world who seek to make an impression on the music industry's movers and shakers. Using an entertaining mixed-tape format, this quick-paced show appeals to those actively invovled in the music industry as well as those just looking to see who's in the mix.

COMING SOON ---- EXCLUSIVE.....Estelle Reyna travels America
Supermodel Estelle Reyna visits places unknow to tourists in the United States 
                                              Made exclusively for MBE

2020 Video are a professional video company who specialise in high quality videos for TV, corporate clients and selected wedding clientele. In conjunction with Europahost Internet Services they are now able to offer a revolutionary web streaming service at very competitive prices. They also regularly broadcast on Sky Digital (currently twice weekly).

Daily news broadcasts from South Africa, The Caribbean and Nigeria.

Spike Davis.
Comedian, Actor, Writer, Show, Host, On Air Personality.

AquAid were the first commercial organisation to fund Christian Aid Third World water projects from product sales. After a difficult start they went on to become the UK's fastest growing cooler company having over 34 distribution centres.

Okay, okay!! They're white, but they're  fine emerging young  band with an 'Oasis meets Stereophonics' sound.

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